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Internationalisation in medium-sized retail companies.

This 2-year project is run by Emilia Rovira Nordman, Sara Melén Hånell, Nurgül Özbek and Daniel Tolstoy. The project is funded by The Torsten Söderberg Foundation and aims to investigate how Swedish SMEs in retailing can succeed with their international business, and thereby be able to grow into medium-sized companies. To achieve this, the project-group has collected both qualitative and quantitative data mapping different market factors (such as institutions, competition, and resources) and how these shape the international strategies of retail SMEs. Hitherto the project has generated one article that is currently under review. Three competitive papers and a poster will also be presented at the EIBA 2018 conference in Poznan.

For further information, please contact Emilia.Rovira@hhs.se, Sara.Melen@hhs.se, Nurgul.Ozbek@hhs.se or Daniel.Tolstoy@hhs.se