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Creating solution values

Lei Huang’s PhD project is focused on how industrial companies create solution value for their customers, with particular attention to the possibilities and effects of digitalization. The project follows the customer value creation process from the initial formulation of a value proposition, via efforts to produce a corresponding solution, to the efforts of specific customers to realize value by employing the solution in their production process. Particularly, it attends to how resources are integrated both as part of solution development and as part of subsequent value-creation efforts. A key finding concerns the impact of the involved actors’ various interests and objectives, which are conceptualized using the notion of multiple value registers. Empirically, the project employs a longitudinal case study methodology to investigate cases of solution value creation that involve Wallenius Water, Sandvik, Icomera and SMTCL. Two book chapters based on the project have appeared in edited volumes published by Studentlitteratur and Emerald.

For further information, please contact Lei.Huang@hhs.se