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BSc and MSc Courses @ CDA

Below you will find a list of our current offerings for Bachelor and Masters Level Courses. Click on any course to learn more about that offering.

CDA offers courses to BSc students (at the Business and Economics program and the Retail Management program) where an introduction is given to statistics and econometrics for Business Administration, Economics and Finance. In these courses, the emphasis is on the practical aspects of statistics and econometrics. To facilitate the analysis of models and data, the students are introduced to various statistical software programs (including R). Students will also learn how the estimated models and adherent results can be used as tools for: policy making, investment decisions, prediction, identifying key drivers for customer satisfaction and loyalty, portfolio management, etc.

The CDA also offers more specialized courses at the MSc level, where the students are taught Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis (using Excel), Applied Time Series Econometrics (using STATA), and Data Science courses (using SQL and R). Courses at the PhD level in Time Series Econometrics (using GAUSS, Matlab, and R) and Quantitative Research Methods and Analysis are also given.

BSc and MSc Students are welcome to get advice on e.g. statistical issues when writing their thesis. At the moment, four faculty members offer their expertise (in a wide range of areas); they are Håkan Lyckeborg (hakan.lyckeborg@hhs.se), and Rickard Sandberg (rickard.sandberg@hhs.se).

BSc Courses

Math A (Integrations moment in BE601) 

Math B (Integrations moment in course BE602) 

BE601 Data Analytics I 

BE602 Data Analytics II 

BE603 Data Analytics III


NdH 802 Ekonomisk statistik

NdH 108 Current Issues in Retailing (Integrations moment)

NdH 111 Retail Buying and Merchandising (Integrations moment)

Be902 - Data Science for Business

MSc Courses

MSc 5314 Applied Econometric Time Series (CEMS)

7310 - Quantitative Business Analysis Models  (CEMS)

7313 Data Science Analytics

7316 Introduction to Dataanalysis in R

6181 MIB research Project (Integrations moment)