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Methods Lab: 3 Tracks

The Methods Lab is working to run three tracks of scholarly interest, parallel of each other: the Methods Clinic, the Letters series, and Philosophies.

The Methods Lab is built on three tracks for the academic adventurer, each one exploring what comes our way from a different vantage point: methodologies used in research, scholars who left a legacy, and philosophies that paint our disciplines to this day.


Methods Clinic

A research journey is by no means straightforward. At times, it can feel like a labyrinth of blind alleys or impalpable threads of linkages between methods, theories, empirics. Navigating this ocean of possibilities while finding your identity as a researcher is a challenging task.

On a regular basis, we will invite progressive thinkers from the field to help us in our endeavour of understanding what methodology and methods can be for each and every one of us. Critical, eye-opening and challenging - the objective of the Methods Clinic is to bring in new or alternative perspectives and to dive deeper into a particular method. At the same time, we try to create room to discuss ideas and concerns related to our own research.

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The Letters Series

Each seminar in this series calls to a titan, and shines the spotlight on individuals and concepts that enrich our learning and challenge what we believe we already know. Examples range from aesthetics to Aristotle, Foucault to ethics. The format is that of letters written to the universe.

By returning to the classics we have leaned on for centuries, or by breaking from the well-worn paths to step into the exciting unknown, we open our doors to a wider audience interested in discussing matters of both past and present. 



The Existentialist Café

Named after and inspired by Sarah Bakewell's work, the Existentialist Café is a series of reading seminars, in which a small group of interested attendees gather to read and discuss a chosen philosophical piece. New to philosophy? Is Kant merely a whispering cadence from the past? Never heard of phenomenology? No worries, previous knowledge is not of importance. Rather, we seek to ignite a spark of interest in the philosophical field, where we will jointly explore pieces from history’s plentiful corners.

Philosophy – an invitation to think of what we believe we know, and to challenge those very thoughts and beliefs. It is not an attempt to immerse ourselves in a sea of facts, so much as it is to explore perceptions and concepts with clarity and criticality, dissecting and analysing arguments and assumptions that we encounter is our research across disciplines. It’s simultaneously a never-ending exercise to rationalize everything, while realizing the need to co-exist with the irrational, and accepting the existence of what is yet-to-be rationalized.


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