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Attracting and retaining valuable and crucial talent in the future IKEA business

IKEA´s Retail Club had an online workshop on how to attract, hire and retain valuable and crucial talent in the future IKEA business.

Åke Larsson, Talent Sourcing Specialist at IKEA, held a presentation about IKEA´s values and aspects that are important for IKEA when it comes to employee branding and recruiting new talent. Özlem Tan, EVP leader at IKEA, then held a presentation about IKEA´s Employer Value Proposition. Afterward, they introduced the workshop cases and asked students to come up with recommendations for IKEA to improve its talent sourcing and ways of attracting new competent people to apply for jobs within IKEA.
Some of the suggestions presented by the students were homepage updates with storytelling, more clear role requirements, recruitment events at IKEA´s stores and a life-at-IKEA Instagram account. 

Ana Desnica, Key Account Manager, IKEA´s Retail Club

CFR Retail Retail Club

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