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Apply to Incubate

At Incubate, we're looking for ventures with a scalable business model with international potential that already have a prototype and first user data.


Applications to the incubation program at SSE Business Lab should meet the following criteria.

Business potential: A scalable business model with international potential.

Business maturity: You have launched a prototype/MVP with initial traction (first user data/first customer or initial revenue), OR

You have secured funding and product/service is expected to be launched within 6 months. 

Sustainability: You should be able to thoroughly explain how the positive impact of your business exceeds the negative impact.

Diversity: Your team should be diverse. This means you can show how diversity is a key strategic component to your business with specific policies, actions, goals and/or other practices. The result should be a diverse team with regards to gender and/or ethnic identity.

SSE-associated entrepreneurs: At least one founder has to be a student, alumnus or faculty member at SSE or associated to the school in another way.

Full-time commitment: At least one founder has to be dedicated to working with the startup as their main engagement.

The idea must follow the SSE Business Lab Ethical Guidelines (eg. no alcohol or betting ventures etc.). Venture capital and pure consulting/service firms are also not eligible.



1) CV for each founding team member should be no more than one page per member

2) Executive summary/Cover letter (one page) for the applicant startup including:

  • What makes your business case promising?
  • Why are you applying to SSE Business Lab?
  • What are your expectations from SSE Business Lab?
  • How can you contribute to the community at SSE Business Lab?

3) Pitch deck should be no more than 10 slides and include:

  • Problem: Describe the problem you are solving.
  • Solution: Describe your solution to the problem and what makes it unique.
  • Competition: Describe the competitive landscape and if someone has succeeded with this on another/similar market/segment.
  • Market/Customers: Describe your market (size, geography) and who are your customers (channel(s) to reach them).
  • Business model: Describe your revenue streams (e.g. revenue model, gross margin, lifetime value) and your cost structure (e.g. distribution costs, customer acquisition costs, R&D).
  • Scalability: Describe how you can scale the idea if you make it into a business
  • Sustainability: Describe the positive and negative impact of your business and how you work to strengthen the positive, as well as mitigate the negative. Describe how you work towards at least one sub-goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030). See example on the bottom right column.
  • Team: Describe your team, and your view on diversity.
  • Progress/Growth outlook: Describe your progress until now and your growth outlook for the next 18 months (in text and numbers).
  • Key metrics: Describe your key metrics for growth, targets and milestones for the next six months if admitted to SSE Business Lab (these will be the metrics that you are evaluated on at admissions and Progression Q&A after six months).

4) Assessment tests for all founders, taking around one hour to complete

  • Once the application period has closed you will receive three tests assessing personality, motivation and logical reasoning with the purpose of understanding your team dynamic and coaching you if admitted to the program. All founders are to complete the tests, make sure to dedicate one hour for this. Important: If you have not received the test by lunch on the day after the admission deadline, immediately contact maria.heinz@assessio.se.

The final application which you submit to SSE Business Lab should include components 1-3. The three components should not be larger than 4 MB in size. Save everything in one file (pdf or zip) and name it "SSEBL_[Company name]_Application". Submit your application by attaching it when completing this application form. We accept applications in Swedish or English.