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Apply to Activate

At Activate, we are looking for ambitious teams with an idea they want to explore and further develop into a real business venture.


Applications to the Activate program at SSE Business Lab should meet the following criteria.

  • Engagement: You have an idea, a team, and the drive to activate your idea

  • Business maturity: You want to validate your project but do not yet have a prototype

  • Business potential: You are able to communicate why your team and idea have potential

  • Team: At least one person from each area of expertise relevant for your idea: example: Business, Tech, Marketing/Growth

  • SSE-associated entrepreneurs: At least one founder has to be a student, alumnus or faculty member at SSE or Konstfack or associated with either school in another way
  • Part-time commitment: You can commit 50% of work-time during the program, and at least one member of the team can attend each coaching session and workshop (coaching and workshops are during lunch-hour and evenings).

The idea must follow the SSE Business Lab Ethical Guidelines (eg. no alcohol or betting ventures etc.). Venture capital and pure consulting/service firms are also not eligible.


Pitch deck should be no more than 10 slides and include:

  • Problem: What problem are you solving?
  • Solution: What is your solution to the problem?
  • Market/Customers: What is your market (size, geography) and who are your customers (channel(s) to reach them)?
  • Business model: Describe your business model (how you will, or intend to, create revenue)
  • Scalability: Describe how you can scale the idea if you make it into a business
  • Sustainability: Describe how you work, or intend to work, with sustainability
  • Team: Describe your team, and your view on diversity
  • Conclusion: Give a final impression that lasts or state what you’d like to get out of the pitch

You will also receive 3 tests assessing personality, motivation and logical reasoning. These tests will be sent to you once the application period has closed. All founders are to complete the tests, make sure to dedicate at least 1 hour for this. Important: If you have not received the test by lunch on the day after the admission deadline, immediately contact maria.heinz@assessio.se

Your final application to SSE Business Lab should not be larger than 4 MB in size. Save everything in one file and name it "SSEBL_[Company name]_Application". Submit your application by attaching it when completing this application form. We accept applications in Swedish or English.