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Sport/Author talk: Olof Lundh and his new book Templet i öknen

Lunch talk on sportswashing November 11 with sports journalist and author Olof Lundh .

Welcome to this lunch talk on November 11th with sports journalist Olof Lundh, author of the brand new book "Templet i öknen" ("The Temple in the Desert") on sportswashing. Olof Lundh takes us back to the development in FC Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain, Manchester City and other organisations and places, and not only using football as an example, even if he lands and focuses on the forthcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

It is a book which deals with the question of responsibility and accountability in sports - as well as in business. Why should, for example, there be more burden for fans of football clubs and individual players than corporations with operations in Qatar or Saudia Arabia? What are the lessons for future leaders?

With just days to go to the start of the World Cup in Qatar, SSE Sport Initiative X SSE Literary Agenda welcome sports journalist Olof Lundh to SSE. It will also be possible to buy the book and get it signed.
The event will be open to 45 students, and the first to register will receive a spot. 

Sign up here. A light lunch will be served.


Olof Lundh, pic by Kristoffer Bengtsson/Volante.


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