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Standard Length of a Miracle

ABC Colloquium with Dr Erik Wikberg and authors of the book “Standard Length of a Miracle”

Does art in business schools make any difference? So what happens when art is curated inside a business school? Dr Erik Wikberg, the editor of a recent publication treating the Goldin Senneby show 2016 at SSE, will lead a discussion with some of the authors on the potential of hosting art in the school. The task of the business school is neither to engage in art-history nor to embark on art sociology nevertheless we do not engage in art to celebrate established powers nor to decorate and confirm ruling orders? But what new perspectives for knowledge in business education does art then offer? Can it stimulate research creativity? Inspire new projects and discussions on important but maybe otherwise overlooked topics?

Early 2016 Maria Lind of Tensta Konsthall curated a retrospective of the work of artists Goldin+Senneby engaged in issues of financial markets. One of the main venues for the show was Stockholm School of Economics. Today one of their works, Banca Rotta, is permanently exposed at SSE. Goldin+Senneby were very important to SSE´s Art Initiative, can we perhaps start sensing deeper impacts of art in business schools with the help of this example?

Dr Erik Wikberg has recently completed his thesis on conflicting and co-existing logics in art worlds. He is currently exploring the how ideas of artistic quality are institutionally constructed and negotiated for especially the market

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