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Anders Wall Scholarship awarded to SSE entrepreneur guiding consumers towards sustainable purchases

Bachelor student Odessa Bäckfors (b. 2000) has been awarded the Anders Wall Scholarship of 200'000SEK. The scholarship is given in collaboration with SSE Business Lab and aims to highlight and encourage SSE students that have excelled in entrepreneurship and creative thinking.

Odessa is CEO and co-founder of startup company Archr, a digital platform that enables consumers to compare products and services based on price and sustainability. Archr was started through, and has been supported by, the School’s startup incubator SSE Business Lab.

Odessa's commitment to environmental and sustainability issues started early on in her life, when she studied at the Alpina skidgymnasiet in Gällivare.

"The climate changes in Norrbotten are tangible – you can see with the naked eye how the amount of snow in the region decreases every year. We often talk about cutting back on flying and avoiding certain foods to reduce emissions, but I lacked a comprehensive solution that could help me take control of my consumption."

Archr has developed an algorithm that can analyze data from companies and evaluate the sustainability performance of their goods. In doing this, the company wants to help consumers make more informed choices and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

“Today, we score the products based on circularity and CO2 footprint. Soon we will include more aspects, such as ecosystem impact, social sustainability and how transparent the companies are with their sustainability data. In this way, we strive to present a holistic concept of sustainability.”

The business model is mainly based on income through affiliate marketing, where Archr provides traffic to resellers for a commission. The company has received a positive response from both users and investors, as well as from companies that want to communicate their sustainability work.

Lars Strannegård, President of the Stockholm School of Economics, is delighted that the scholarship is going to a business student who so clearly personifies the School's educational mission.

”At the Stockholm School of Economics, we want to develop future leaders who work fact-based, are reflective, empathetic, and entrepreneurial. In Odessa, we see all of these qualities,” he says.

The Scholarship will be handed over at the Anders Wall Foundation's annual scholarship award ceremony on March 10 in Stockholm. Odessa will thus become a member of the scholarship network Wallumni, which consists of former Anders Wall Scholarship recipients. The members meet regularly and carry out, among other things, international study trips together.

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