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PhD Program

Doctoral Program in Asian Economy and Business at SSE

​Asia is where the economy is growing more rapidly than anywhere else in the world, and it is widely believed that the continent will witness even greater growth in the future.  Yet despite the region's obvious importance Europe clearly suffers from a serious shortage of young professionals able to operate freely and effectively in the major regional languages, combined with profound insights into the ways in which business and management operate in East Asia. The European Institute of Japanese Studies (EIJS) at Stockholm School of Economics sees it as its mission to help rectify this situation.  To do that we have initiated a Doctoral Program in Asian Economy and Business to significantly raise the requisite level of specialized competence and knowledge among talented young European economists.

Our concept is to have ten highly qualified young people, Asia specialists already possessing knowledge of one of the major languages in Asia, integrated into the SSE's broader and highly successful Ph.D. program. The first three students were accepted to the program in August 2012 and one student in August 2017.  In their four year program, these ten Ph.D. candidates will share a common intellectual environment together with academic Asia specialists as well as with business people with extensive experience in Asia, thus creating the core of a strong future network. We feel in particular that it is essential that the advanced research our candidates undertake is closely connected with issues of clear interest to companies active in Asia. Our present candidates are sponsored by the following companies; CBAB, Ericsson and Volvo. EIJS is continuing the fundraising and are asking companies to “sponsor a Ph.D. candidate”. The next starting point for the PhD program will be August 2020 but we have already started to look for potential candidates. These will be recruited on an international bases. Deadline for the application for the PhD program is 1 February 2020. If you speak an Asian language (preferably Japanese, Chinese or Korean) and are interested in joining please see www.hhs.se/phd for more information. We would besides the field of Business and Management also accept PhD candidates in the field of Economics or Finance.

For companies interested in sponsoring please contact directly with the Director of the European Institute of Japanese Studies.
Patrik Ström, patrik.strom@hhs.se
Director of the European Institute of Japanese Studies, Stockholm School of Economics

Phone +46-8-7369364 or +46-8-7369323 (direct)