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Knowledge in Networks

Research on the creation and diffusion of knowledge through social networks, knowledge management and the strategic use of IT, informal networks (communities of practice to electronic networks of practice), and social media and virtual worlds.


Enabling Global Growth for SMEs through Virtual Worlds. Collaborators: E. Giavocchini and R. Helms at Utrecht University, T. Kohler at University of Innsbruck, and H. Harman at RunAlong. Funded by VINNOVA Var dags IT-Demonstratorer - Nöje som Innovation (Everyday IT Applications – Entertainment as Innovation), January 2009 to present.

Investigating the Impact of Cultural and Institutional Factors on Knowledge Flows into and Throughout Multinationals. Partners: C. Fey and Y. Chen at SSE, 2008 to present.

Using Internet-based Media such as Social Media and Virtual Worlds to Support Knowledge Flows and Improved Productivity within Organizations. B-T. Flåten at University of Agder, S. Mahaley at Duke Corporate Education, M. Wasko and R. Fuller at Florida State University, and E. Whelan at University of Limerick, 2007 to present.

Developing Capabilities through Networks: A Longitudinal Study of a Swedish Stem Cell Multinational. Partner: A. Schenkel at Stockholm School of Economics. Funded by Jan Wallanders & Tom Hedelius Foundation (Handelsbanken), 2004 to present.


Nordic Virtual Worlds Network– NVWN . Project Coordinator. Partners: Agder University, Iceland Academy of Arts, MindArk, Roskilde University, Silver Design, TEKES, University of Turku, Uppsala University. Funded primarily by the Nordic Innovation Center (NICe), March 2010 to February 2012.

Impact Assessment of the Participation of SMEs in the Thematic Programmes of the Fifth and Sixth Framework Programmes for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration (SMEpact). Partners: AVEDAS AG, CM International CMI, GOPA Consultants, Logotech, and SSE (Principal Investigator). Funded by European Commission, DG, January 2009 to March 2010.

Uppsala BIO – a strategy for internationalisation and global networks. Partners: Uppsala BIO, Uppsala Innovation Center, Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science, Nordregio, and SSE. Funded by VINNOVA, 2008 to 2010.

Structuring Effects of Community Research - The Impact of the Framework Programme on Research and Technology Development (RTD) Network Formation (NetPact). Partners: AVEDAS AG, Centre for Science and Technology Studies of Leiden University (CWTS), FAS.Research Gmbh, and SSE (Principal Investigator). Funded by European Commission, DG, 2007 to 2009.

Real-time Monitoring of the Cluster Initiative Uppsala BIO. Partners: A. Malmberg, P. Lundequist, D. Hallencreutz at CIND (the Center for Research on Innovation and Industrial Dynamics) at Uppsala University. Funded by Uppsala BIO, Uppsala University, and VINNOVA, 2003 to 2009.


Teigland, E. (2003) Knowledge Networking: Structure and Performance in Networks of Practice. Published Doctoral Dissertation. Stockholm: Stockholm School of Economics.

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