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Digital transformation and structural changes in the networked society.

This 3-year research project is run by Per Andersson and Christopher Rosenqvist and is funded by Handelsbankens Forskningsstiftelser. The overall aim is to develop knowledge of cross-industry cooperation when new digital technologies and infrastructures are introduced that connect actors in different industrial sectors. The theoretical aim is to develop a conceptual toolbox for analyzing disruptive digitalization and service innovation in the emerging networked society. The framework treats these disruptive forces in various sectors (e.g. healthcare, media, transportation) as associated with the interdependent processes of new forms of intermediation, the overlapping of industrial networks (“convergence”), business modelling (including coordination of business models), and the objectification of technologies (technical platforms, etc.). The aim is to deepen recently initiated conceptual work with this focus (Andersson & Mattsson, 2015, IMP Journal). Two book chapters from the project were recently published in the anthology Managing Digital Transformation (Andersson et al., 2018).

For further information, please contact Per.Andersson@hhs.se or Christopher.Rosenqvist@hhs.se