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CEBC is represented by a wide array of competencies and experiences. Over the years we have built a strong network of associated researchers as well as experienced entrepreneurs.

Current Faculty

Professor Emeritius Carin Holmquist

Professor Emeritus Leif Lindmark

Assistant Professor Anna Söderblom

Assistant Professor Erik Wetter

Postdoc Fellow Dr Margo Enthoven - Margo Enthoven is a postdoctoral researcher at the House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics. Her research there focuses on functional selling business models, circular business models, and on their opportunities and challenges in relation to sustainable and innovative public procurement. Her PhD focused on social and sustainable entrepreneurship and cognition. Specifically, she has done work on opportunity recognition, identity and personal values. She has also done research in the fields of economic geography and societal transitions for sustainability, specifically focused on sustainable markets and sustainable consumption.

Postdoc Fellow Dr Paraskevi Dimakou Paraskevi Dimakou is a postdoctoral fellow at the House of Innovation, Stockholm School of Economics with an educational background in Management. Her current research focus is on gender equality in Business and Management Schools and she is working on the development of sustainable Gender Equality Plans for research performing organisations.  

She obtained her PhD from Lancaster University Management School, UK. In her Thesis she examined the role of exchange in network ties and how this role brings about entrepreneurial change. She has taught courses on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning, leadership and management, and corporate strategy.


Current PhD Students and Candidates

Kathleen Burke

Uyen To Vu

Tatiana Egorova


Affiliated PhD Students (External)

Afua Konadu Owusu-Kwarteng, Lancaster University, UK

Mikael Kosmynin, Bodo University, Norway


Affiliated Researchers

Pontus Engström, Affiliated Researcher


Alumni (incl. amongst others former faculty and graduated PhDs)

Miriam Bird, University of St. Gallen

Jeanette Dareblom, YIT

Karin Darin, Swedish folkbildning (Folkbildningsrådet)

Frederic Delmar, Lund University

Sven Hamrefors, Mälardalens Högskola

Alice de Koning, Salem State University

Anders Landberg,  ReiRei

Monica Lindgren, Royal Institute of Technology

Mikael Samuelsson

Nadav Shir

Ingela Sölvell, Uppsala University

Professor Johan Wiklund, Syracuse University

Karl Wennberg, Stockholm School of Economics

Beldina Owalla, Sheffield University, UK

Abiel Sebhatu, Linkoping University

Rupin Jeremiah