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Micael Dahlén

Meet Micael - Chaired Professor in Wellbeing, Welfare and Happiness at the Stockholm School of Economics and PhD in Business Administration alum.

1. What is the attraction of doing research?
To enjoy the luxury of following your curiosity wherever it takes you and to boldly go where no wo/man has ever gone before.

2. Why choose SSE if you want to become a researcher?
Because of its intimacy - between the great people there and with the great people, organizations and society that SSE has such close bonds with.

3. What is the best thing about SSE if you are a PhD student? 
I think there are as many answers as there a PhD students, and that's the cool thing. You are trusted to make your PhD studies pretty much into anything you want them to be.

4. What characterizes the PhD education at SSE?
The combination of work and play. You're given the opportunity to work really hard on forging your own path forward.