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Mariana Khapko

Meet Mariana - Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Toronto and PhD in Finance alum.

1. What is the attraction of doing research?

To me the attraction of doing research is that it allows one not only to be curious about a wide range of questions but provides a possibility of answering them with the meticulous and precise language of rigorous theory and elegant techniques.

Choosing the PhD path gives the opportunity to deepen the knowledge and at the same time specialize in something that one finds fascinating, challenging and important.

2. Why choose SSE if you want to become a researcher?

SSE, as a top business school in Europe, provides excellent opportunities for research and studies. The outstanding faculty members of the school create a stimulating academic environment and offer excellent advisory guidance. Moreover, SSE has extremely good connections with other top business schools worldwide, as well as with the financial industry and policy makers.

3. What is the best thing about SSE if you are a PhD student?

SSE offers a wide menu of workshops, seminars and conferences for both academics and practitioners. For a young researcher these are invaluable sources of thought-provoking criticism and commentary that sharpen the focus on up-to-date questions relevant to practitioners and policymakers.

4. What characterizes the PhD education at SSE?

A great aspect of the PhD education at SSE is that the close ties of SSE top-tier researchers all over the world provides great possibilities for international collaborations, exchanges and networking. Excellent research funding allows PhD students to attend courses and present their own research at the international stage.