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Michael Stalder

Meet Michael – Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group and MSc in International Business alum.

Describe your role and what it is that you do overall and on a day-to-day basis.

Since starting at BCG, I have been doing most of my work within the PIPE (Principal Investments & Private Equity) team, where we do Due Diligence projects and portfolio work for our PE clients. As an Associate, I am a core member of a case team and usually responsible for my own module/work stream. Working together with my team, we analyze different industries and targets with the help of external industry experts and our vast internal BCG knowledge. In doing so, I get to know and understand an entire sector on a detailed level, which is something I very much enjoy.  

What interested you about the field you are currently in? 

Studying business opens up so many potential career paths, which for me made it difficult to choose an industry or a specific role. I knew I wanted to closely work with people and be exposed to a variety of exciting topics and challenges that would advance my personal growth. Strategy consulting thus is a perfect fit for me and I am enjoying my journey of discovering what it really is that I like to do and where my strengths lie. At BCG specifically, I appreciate the company’s inclusive culture with consultants from many different backgrounds, and getting to work with some of the brightest people I have ever met. 

What was so appealing about SSE or the Masters in International Business when you were considering where to study? 

After my bachelor degree at HSG in St. Gallen, I chose to switch schools and study the MIB program at SSE. I was looking for a master program with a collaborative curriculum, international setting and smaller class size that would allow me to truly connect with classmates of diverse educational and cultural background. After the in-person assessment day I was convinced that MIB would be the right choice for me, as it was the perfect opportunity to get a feel for the program, meet faculty and connect with potential future classmates. On top of that, MIB is unique in that it fully integrates the CEMS program into a well-rounded, varied yet structured curriculum, which provides extensive corporate exposure both locally in Stockholm and on international immersion trips.

Now, three years into my career, I am truly happy with my decision and could not be more thankful for all the truly inspiring people I have met during those two years.

How did your time at SSE help guide you to where you are now? 

I feel like SSE – and specifically the Master program in International Business – prepared me very well for my role at BCG. Aside from the classes and actual content, I benefitted most from the many touchpoints with corporate partners, the intense group projects that were in many ways similar to the work I do now, and above all the vibrant student body of driven people. I really enjoyed and benefitted from being surrounded by ambitious people that were helping each other to achieve their career goals.