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Karl Lindoff

Meet Karl Lindoff – Investment Analyst - Venture Capital and M&A - at Scania Group and MSc in Business & Management alum.

Describe your role and what it is that you do overall and on a day-to-day basis.

I am the investment analyst at the Scania Venture Capital and Strategic M&A unit, part of the Ventures and New Business Department. I work mainly on the Venture Capital side, where my main responsibilities include financial and commercial due diligence surrounding our investments, as well as heading the deal flow and sourcing. In deal flow and sourcing, I have the opportunity to meet many founders from various companies to discuss potential win-win scenarios that could be achieved through investments and collaborations.


What interested you about the field / company / role you are currently in?

I have always had an interest in understanding how businesses create value in a tangible way. So first and foremost, that is really Scania, as we are producing mobility that is truly the lifeline of society. If you think about it, most things around us - chairs, tables, food - are moved mainly by truck. What makes it even more interesting is that Scania is at the forefront of making this lifeline sustainable, as seen in our work on electrification and green transport. So, to be part of a company like that really resonates with me. Furthermore, being able to work on the investment side and invest in interesting and cool companies that can solve tomorrow's problems in mobility and transport is an opportunity I truly cherish. I was introduced to the role through a live project I did in the MSc program in Business & Management (MBM), in the Operations Strategy and Accounting course, and after that, I landed my initial summer internship in the unit, which has now led to full-time employment. Since then, I have enjoyed every day and never looked back.


Why did you choose to study your subject area at SSE?

I have always had my eyes on studying at SSE, so after my Bachelor's in the United States, I was really happy to know that I had been accepted into the Business and Management program. The reason for choosing MBM was that I wanted a broad base and to learn from multiple fields. I always believe that if there is something you want to get a deeper understanding of, you can always learn it—learning never ends. So getting insights into various fields of study, such as management, accounting, strategy, marketing, leadership, and digital transformation, was a great combination for me to leap into real work-life. It should be said, I am extremely grateful to have met people in the MBM program that I now consider friends and will carry with me for the rest of my life.


How did your time / education at SSE help guide you to the career journey you have embarked on?

I think it is two-fold. Firstly, the education itself has, of course, added to my professional toolbox in how to analyze, understand, and provide solutions to complex business problems. The live cases we had in the MBM program also gave a lot of practical knowledge on how to actually deliver business solutions in a sharp live-case. Additionally, the professors and faculty are renowned for their expertise in their fields, and to listen and learn from them firsthand has been a great value add for me. Secondly, the engagements I have made outside the classroom at SSE have really helped me communicate, lead projects, and strengthen my business acumen. I did two years as a class representative and engaged myself in the school's student association as the Head of Master Programs. Getting that exposure to make cool things happen and being able to have an impact on others around me have not only strengthened my belief in my own capabilities but also given me a new toolbox of a collaborative approach to getting things done.


Following the time at SSE, do you have any words of wisdom or advice you would like to share with our current students?

I would say to make the most of your time at the school. I really tried to say yes to most things, meet people, learn from the faculty and students—and most importantly, have fun. You have a limited number of days in your Master's degree, so make the most of every day; it definitely does not last forever. I would also say that what you make of your student time is mostly up to you. Of course, SSE provides opportunities that I would argue you do not get anywhere else, but at the end of the day, you owe it to yourself to make the best out of your time at school. I think once you realize that and see each moment as a new opportunity, incredible things start to happen—and what better place and time is there to go after it than when you are a student at SSE?


What are three words / phrases that sum up your time at SSE?

Not really three words, but I’ll give you three key points:

  • Personal and professional growth
  • Network and community building
  • Comprehensive, but sharp education