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Gustaf Soldan Patrikson

Meet Gustaf – Chief Product Officer at VOI Technology. Gustaf is a BSc in Business & Economics and MSc in Finance alum. Having worked during a gap year between his Bachelor and Master’s degree, Gustaf came back to SSE with loads of energy and drive, and of course some experience of finance in real life.

When Gustaf entered his first role after graduating from the Master Program in Finance, he quickly found that the solid foundation of how to diagnose and treat business came in handy for a consultant at BCG. He could swiftly apply the methods and frameworks used for financial performance and corporate finance analysis.

His studies at SSE have shaped Gustaf’s problem-solving mentality forever. For him, the quantitate method courses were to be a great asset when it came to getting into the weeds of reasoning behind econometric tools used for optimizing businesses.

But it wasn’t only the actual courses that equipped Gustaf for his future career, but also the faculty members and fellow students he met at SSE:

“Faculty members were generally highly engaged in their teaching and it was clear that they enjoyed questions and thoughts from the students – and my classmates were from all over the world, which meant new perspectives both professionally and as friends.”

At VOI Technology, sustainability is core to what they do as their vision is “Cities made for living, free from noise and pollution”. Sustainability is also one of the four main pillars of Stockholm School of Economics, so should you be interested in shaping a future for a brighter tomorrow – this is the school for you!

Lastly, in the spirit of social sustainability, Gustaf leaves you with the following: “Study the degree that you enjoy for the topic matter in itself – not for the jobs you might or might not get on the back of it. This way you will enjoy yourself more, do better and learn more.”