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Student stories

What do our students and alumni think of the Wallenberg International Fellows Program?

Fellows 2023

"Being a Wallenberg Fellow is an exceptional journey. It challenged me on multiple dimensions, expanded my appreciation of global business and politics, and exposed me to change-makers acting as the mission-critical bridge between public and private sectors; inspiration and perspective that shape my path forward."
Cäcilie Habbel
MSc in Business & Management, from Germany
"The Wallenberg International Fellowship Program provides a truly unparalleled opportunity to reap the synergies of working for a multinational organization and learning from one of the leading academic institutions of the world."
John Öberg
MSc in Business & Management, from Sweden

You will interact with incredible people, experience diverse cultures and approach complex issues with creativity and ethical considerations. This will equip you with the essential tools and skills required to navigate the intersection between the public and private sector. By bridging the gap between these two vital segments of society, the program empowers you to make a meaningful impact. The Wallenberg International Fellowship Program has been the most comprehensive, insightful and transformative experience I had the privilege of undertaking during my five years at SSE.

"The fellowship has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Being in Washington, D.C. is possibly the best way to get your finger on the pulse of what policymakers and private sector participants are talking about on a host of relevant issues, ranging from AI to ESG to climate change. The opportunity to be here and contribute to those conversations has been eye-opening."
Mondrita Rashid
MSc in Economics, from Bangladesh