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Program structure

The MSc program in Business and Management is designed to be a two-year development process with you at the center: Drawing on your particular passions and virtues, the program will build your confidence in addressing “wicked” business challenges and your ability to lead yourself as well as teams during uncertain endeavors. You will develop the abilities you already have and become the next version of yourself: A version that never stops developing!

With your interests and ambitions as part of the mix, we will blend theory and practice in real-life projects. Business development includes areas as market, strategy and leadership, areas that need to be managed in order to be successful in your venture. By learning and applying key concepts and theories on business creation and development, you will be ready to seize the exceptional career opportunities that this program will open to you.


Semester 1  Getting up to speed
You are building a solid base on business creation and development. The courses in the first semester will equip you with solid knowledge and tools from the key disciplines so that you will be able to generate, identify and pursue new business opportunities. 


The courses Operations Strategy and Management Accounting and Control will have one joint live project.

Semester 2  Harness uncertainty and change
Change may be regulated and gradual or rapid and turbulent, but it affects all kinds of companies, and you will need to continuously identify and pursue new opportunities for value creation. By focusing on the fluidity of everyday life and business, you will find ways to act and make decisions in uncertain and complex environments.

Each course in year 1 is linked to concrete practical live projects and SSE's partner companies.

Stockholm Köpmansklubb’s MBM Personal Leadership Track
Stockholm Köpmansklubb’s MBM Personal Leadership Track is a mandatory course that runs throughout the program and helps you to become a better version of yourself. During this course, you will focus on soft skills, self-leadership, values, practical rhetoric, collective intelligence, teamwork, feedback, personal development, stress, sustainable work and the study life. Read more here!


Semester 3 Customize yourself
Enrich your individual profile by pursuing the learning opportunities that best fit your ambitions. You may broaden your knowledge by taking electives from other SSE Master programs, SSES or go on exchange to one of our partner schools; or you may specialize even further on advanced management topics, like XTM. Choose among:

An overview of all MSc program components of the second year are listed here.
Please keep in mind that this landing page lists all available program components on the MSc level. Have a look at the list above to find out what options you may choose from when you are enrolled in this particular MSc program.

Semester 4 Show your talent
Demonstrate your developed mastery of change, innovation and growth, by writing a Master thesis that advances the state-of-the-art of management and marketing research. Additionally, a module that is part of the Stockholm Köpmansklubb's MBM Personal Leadership Track will allow you to reflect upon your acquired knowledge and skills, and will conclude your learning journey.

  • Thesis
  • Out-troduction module

You also have the chance to write your Master thesis in semester 3 and finish your studies by taking electives in semester 4.

Double degree programs
The Master program in Business & Management also offers two exciting double degree programs; one with Sciences Po - Paris School of International Affairs and one with Sciences Po - School of Management and Innovation. Read more here!