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Tech seminar: AI and Algorithms in Public Sector Decision Making - 20 Oct 2022

House of Innovation Researcher Charlotta Kronblad explored the implications of the increasing amount of public decisions being made by algorithmic decision-making (ADM) systems.

This seminar was based on a real-life case from 2020 when the city of Gothenburg decided to use an ADM system for 12,000 school placements. The ADM system placed over 1,000 children at the wrong schools (schools where they should not have been placed if the system had been coded in accordance with school law). What happened in this case when ADM systems fail and their decisions were faulty? Will anyone be accountable for these faulty decisions, and will anyone take responsibility for correcting them?   

Charlotta Kronblad is a former lawyer - with ten years of experience from the legal field - who researches the digital transformation of this very setting. Charlotta holds a PhD in digital transformation from Chalmers university of Technology and is currently a post doc at the House of Innovation at Stockholm School of Economics. The post doc is connected to the Swedish Center for Digital innovation. Her current research focuses on the implementation of algorithmic decision-making in the public sector and its social and legal justice implications.

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