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Tech seminar: The application of Artificial Intelligence in business and its ethical considerations - 5 Oct 2022

Rebecka Cedering Ångström, Researcher at Ericsson and PhD Student at the House of Innovation, gave a workshop on how to apply artificial intelligence in business and what ethical considerations to take into account.

In this interactive workshop Rebecka Cedering Ångström (Principal Researcher, Consumer and Industry Lab, Ericsson Research and HOI Industry PhD) talked about the use of artificial intelligence in everyday life. Participants got to explore in what business areas artificial intelligence can be applied to solve problems and/or optimize business process, and discussed the ethical implications of the use of artificial intelligence.

Rebecka is passionate about understanding how novel technology influence the way we live, organize and shape our world. Her main focus is on AI driven transformation, and her current research explores how Trust for AI is established within organizations. Rebecka’s work also covers topics like privacy, integrity and security, as well as emerging technologies such as XR. Besides working as a researcher at Ericsson, and being a PhD student at HOI, she is one of the founder behind the thinktank AddAI.

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