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Tech seminar | AI’s path forward: 2024 and beyond - 21 Feb 2024

To kick off the AI event series, we hosted a tech seminar where Ludvig Strand shared insights on how generative AI is shaping businesses today and its future trajectory.

The session offered an insider's perspective on the actual development, explores the case of a "hallucination bubble," and examines major anticipated advancements in expected in AI beyond 2024. Trends discussed were the coming “iPhone of AI”, the ChatGPT moment in robotics, AI's potential to turbocharge research and innovation, personal agents implications on apps and websites, and the critical, yet often overlooked, environmental impacts of AI's growth.

Ludvig Strand is an SSE alum and works as the Emerging Tech & AI Future Analyst at the Axel Johnson Group. In this capacity, he explores the rapidly changing world of emerging tech and AI and how it can shape businesses and society at large. He also leads cross-industry forums with IT, digital, and analytics leaders, while regularly guiding management teams as they prepare for the next wave of digital transformation.

The Axel Johnson Group — a leading Swedish family-owned business — is undergoing rapid transformation. In alignment with their 2015 goal that "within a decade, half of their activities should be in new areas," a significant focus has been on AI and data-driven strategies.

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