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Tech seminar | The art of data storytelling - 11 Apr 2024

During the second event in the "Decoding data" event series where we focused on data analysis and visualization and explored the balance between presenting raw data and crafting compelling narratives.

During this event we uncovered the art of data storytelling by enhancing clear communication and understanding for impactful decision-making. Adina Manisor, Head of Group Data & Analytics Product at Electrolux, explained diverse data visualization techniques, emphasizing the significance of selecting the appropriate method to convey insights tailored to specific audiences. Additionally, she shared insights on the principles and best practices of effective visualization, equipping the participants with the tools to transform data into captivating stories.

This seminar was part of Tech Initiative's event series on "Decoding data: Transforming numbers into narratives". All Tech Initiative events are designed for beginners and require only a basic grasp of technology.

Tech Initiative