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Tech seminar | Data in my daily life: irrelevant or indispensable? - 07 Mar 2024

During this lunch event, the participants explored the impactful world of data with Adina Manisor, Head of Group Data & Analytics Product at Electrolux.

In an era where every click and every decision generates data, understanding its impact is no longer optional but fundamental. This seminar provided a unique opportunity to learn the essentials of data literacy.

Participants were guided through the practical DOs and DON’Ts of data handling and invited to discover why embracing a data-driven approach can lead to better decision-making, enhanced profitability, and increased efficiency in both personal and professional settings.

Throughout the seminar, Adina provided an insightful overview of data literacy's significance across various industries, illustrating how data shapes strategies and outcomes. She covered different types of data, their sources, and the best methods for collecting and analyzing them to facilitate informed decisions.

This seminar was not just about understanding data but about integrating this knowledge into everyone's daily life.

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