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Gustaf Rössner, CEO at GreatPeople

"I have obtained a wider understanding of different cultures, wishes and career needs. The program will hopefully make me a better manager."

What were your reasons for joining the MSc Mentor Program?
The Mentor Program is a great chance to give back to students and to SSE.

What were your expectations of the program?
I wanted to have a chance to learn from students, but mainly help guide students on their career paths.

Has the program met your expectations?
I'm a mentor for the 2nd year now and I hope to continue next year, so yes, my expectations have absolutely been met.

In what way do you think the Msc Mentor Program will influence your professional career?
I obtain a wider understanding of different cultures, wishes and career needs. It will hopefully make me a better manager, as well.

Have you developed and/or improved any personal skills during the program?
I would like to think so. I better understand what drives SSE students to pursue their goals.

Do you have any tips for future mentors/mentees?
Mentees, you need to drive the agenda. Mentors, see it as a learning experience from which you can benefit, as well. This makes it more fun!

Please specify any other comments that you would like to share with future participants in the program.
Ensure that you set the right expectations as soon as possible.

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