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Recruit our students

Our ambitious students are eager to make a positive impact in the world. We provide support in helping you find the right talent at SSE.

The SSE Career Hub connects you with our talented students and alumni and makes it easy for you as a company to work with employer branding and post job ads. The career platform is a very popular source for our students and alumni to look for jobs - should it be internships, full-time or part-time positions. You create your employer account in just a few minutes (see below) and you are then set to post job ads.

Are you an SSE Corporate Partner? You have several benefits in promoting your company on the platform: your job ads are being highlighted, you have access to a full-page profile and you can add events and news to work on your employer branding at SSE. 

If you are interested in discussing other types of collaboration, please get in touch with us. 

1. How to access the SSE Career Hub

To access or create an account:  SSE Career Hub log in

SSE Corporate Partner: If you are a Partner and have not used the Career Hub, contact us. Since you have additional benefits we will support you in setting up the extended company profile page for you, which gives your company several perks in promoting your employer branding at SSE. 

Existing accounts: Does your company have an account and you need to for example verify the administrator or add another administrator to your company's account? Please contact us and we will assist you. 

2. How to publish a vacancy in the SSE Career Hub

Once you have registered as a recruiter, you can post any type of opening (jobs, internships, research projects) as long as it is a paid position. Simply click on “Post a Job”, fill in the mandatory fields and  press “submit”. We will review your job posting and approve it within two business days.

SSE's corporate partners have additional functions and benefits in our the career hub.

Please read the SSE recruitment policy carefully before publishing a vacancy in our career hub.  

3. How to create a great company profile

Even if you currently don't have any open positions, it is worth setting up an appealing company profile that introduces your company to prospective applicants. You can add an overview, a cover image, describe the company values and culture and provide insights into the recruitment process and timeline. You can even add videos!

Just go to your company profile and start customizing. If you are interested in ways to improve your page, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for advice and feedback.

4. How to use your perks as a corporate partner at SSE

SSE partners have access to a full-page profile in the SSE Career Hub. This entails a range of additional features, such as highlighted job ads, adding your own news articles and add testimonials from students you hired.

In addition, SSE partner company profiles are automatically placed before non-partner pages when students are searching for companies. Similarly, in the list of available jobs, students can use a filter to only display jobs from SSE partners.

Another benefit is the display of SSE Partners on SSE’s career management LinkedIn page. Here, we also regularly highlight all corporate partners that advertise a specific position in the SSE Career Hub.

If your company have not yet used the Career Hub, please contact us. We will make sure and set up the extended company profile page for you, which is a benefit to all of SSE's Corporate Partners.

Join career events at SSE, hold presentations and host after-school events

Another great way to stand out and get to know SSE's students is to host an on-campus activity or a digital event. Depending on the event, it could either be organized by SSE's Career Management or SASSE, the student union. Please get in touch with us at careermanagement@hhs.se should you want to explore this and get to know more.

For information about SASSE and ways to engage through the student union, please contact the President of the Business Committee at bcpres@sasse.se