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Recruit from us

Our ambitious students are eager to make a positive impact on the world. At Career Management we are dedicated to help you find the right talent at SSE.

The SSE Career Hub

Our Career Hub connects you to our talented students and alumni, and makes it easy for you as a company to work with employer branding.

How to post a job on SSE Career Hub

Once you have registered as a recruiter, you can post any type of opening (jobs, internships, research projects) as long as it is a paid position. Simply click on “Post a Job”, fill in the mandatory fields and  press “submit”. Within two business days, we will review your job posting and approve it.

SSE Corporate Partners have additional functions and benefits in using the Career Hub, read more in the yellow box below.

SSE Recruitment Policy 

How to create a great company profile

Even if you don’t currently have any open positions, it is worth setting up an appealing company profile that introduces your company to prospective applicants. You can add an overview, a cover image, describe the company values and culture and provide insights into the recruitment process and timeline. You can even add videos!

Just go to your company profile and start customizing. If you are interested in ways to improve your page, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at careermanagement@hhs.se for advice and feedback.

How to utilize your perks as an SSE Partner

SSE Partners have access to a full-page profile on SSE Career Hub. This entails a range of additional features, such as adding your own news articles and add testimonials from students you hired. If you would like advice on how to structure your page, feel free to contact careermanagement@hhs.se

In addition, SSE Partners’ company pages are automatically placed before non-partner pages when students are searching for companies. Similarly, in the list of available jobs, students can use a filter to only display jobs from SSE Partners.

Another benefit is the display on SSE’s Career Management LinkedIn. At SSE Careers, we regularly highlight all corporate partners that currently advertise in the Career Hub.

Direct recruitment

A great way to stand out from the crowd is to host an on-campus event or send out targeted e-mails. Our partnership with the student association (SASSE) helps you participate in career fairs, hold presentations or informal after-school events.

Find out more by getting in touch with the President of SASSE's Business Committee


Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay an intern?

We suggest you pay an intern the pro-rata equivalent of what you would pay a full-time employee doing a similar role. We do not approve job ads that offer no payment.  

How do I post a job ad?

To post a job on the Career Hub, you log in here:  
The first time you post a job ad, it is done in three steps:

  1. Provide profile information 
  2. Give a short description of the company 
  3. Create a job ad

Once you have created the company profile, go directly to step 3 to post the job ad.

When can your students start work?

Graduations for both the MSc and BSc programs are in May/June, so in general students are available after that. However, this differs from student to student.

Can I advertise an unpaid position on the Career Hub?

We do not advertise unpaid job offers, instead we suggest you pay an intern the pro-rata equivalent of what you would pay a full-time employee doing a similar role. For ways to advertise unpaid opportunities, you can contact SASSE at bcpres@sasse.se

Are SSE students available for internships?

Internships are very appreciated by our students. We advise the students not to do internships during the semester as it may interfere with their academic workload. You are also welcome to post part-time jobs.

How do students apply?

Interested students can apply in three ways:

  1. Directly in the SSE Career Hub
  2. Via an external website of your choice
  3. To an email address of your choice

When do students look for jobs?

MSc students start looking for summer internships as early as in September, peaking during October/November. Second year students will typically look for permanent positions during the same time but many will start their active search later and continue during the spring semester. 

BSc students will typically look for summer internships during early autumn in their second year and for permanent positions all through their third year. 

Can I advertise opportunities to alumni?

The Career Hub is open to both students and alumni. 


Can you recommend individual students to my company?

We do not recommend individual students to recruiters. Instead, we advise you to consider working with the student association to arrange an on-campus event where you can get to know students first-hand.

To arrange on-campus events, you can contact the president of the Business Committee of the SSE Students' Association (SASSE) at bcpres@sasse.se. 

My company already has a company page in Career Hub, how do I access it?

Please do not create a new company page, instead contact us at 
careermanagement@hhs.se. We will send you the login details for your company page.  

What jobs do your students look for?

SSE students are open to all kinds of different professional opportunities. There is no "typical SSE job", but the most common type of job ads are internships and part-time jobs. 

Our last year students are interested in full-time employment. They usually start looking in the fall or beginning of the year, depending on the recruitment cycle of the industry. 

Have students approved for their personal data to be used in the application process?

Yes, all our students who have an account in the Career Hub, have accepted the terms according to GDPR.