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Career services for students

From mentorship programs to individual coaching, we are dedicated to helping students figure out what they actually want to do.

A place to grow

Academic, personal and professional development.

SSE alumni will agree that the person they were when they first opened our large oak door is not the same person that left it. At SSE Career Management, we have a responsibility to to complement your academic development with practical tools and knowledge supporting your professional and personal development. 

Support and Coaching

As a student at SSE, there is a team working to help support your development. You can easily book slots with any of our Career Coaches, who bring experience from several sectors. Whether you need help with a job application process or you are struggling to find out what you want to do, they are there to help you.

Ties to Lectures

Many courses at SSE give you a chance to learn more about what it actually means to work. From doing case studies at different companies to learning about self-leadership theories, you can be sure that what you learn in class will be something you can connect to your own journey. 

Skills Courses

Apart from the regular academic offering, you can enroll in several Skills Courses provided at SSE. These courses are  are focused on practical skills such as design thinking, case-cracking or self-leadership, and are often a collaboration between SSE and a Partner Company. 

Online Resources

To make sure you can get the career support you want when you need it, we make a wide range of online tools available for students.

  • SSE Career Hub: A job portal with job offers exclusive to SSE students and alumni
  • SSE CV Lab: An online tool that helps you develop your CV
  • Interviewstream: A tool designed to help you prepare for job interviews
  • PayNegotiation:  Salary negotiation taught online by leading negotiation experts
  • Vault: 250+ guidebooks, Day in the life-articles from industry insiders and several blogs

Whether you're a prospective student wanting to know more or a current student rediscovering the available support, don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions at careermanagement@hhs.se.


International Student?

All of our programs are international; taught entirely in English and with a worldwide intake. The global focus extends to the Career Management team, with special resources available to our international students, for example:

  • SSE Weekly Brief: A customized and detailed newsletter in English about the most important happenings in Sweden. It's like having your own newspaper crew, working only for you. 
  • GoingGlobal: International resources on work permit/visa regulations, cultural advice and interview tips

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at careermanagement@hhs.se