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MSc Mentorship Program – Mentor

Can you mentor an SSE Master student?

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All over the world, students from top business schools need help with the transition to professional life. Generally speaking, mentorship programs provide that help.

That's where you come in; as a graduate, your experience can provide support, guidance and role modeling for the next generation of decision makers.

A Well-Run Program

As a busy professional,  you have many demands on your time. That is why this program begins with a solid matchmaking process, builds upon guidelines and training for mentors and continues with flexible scheduling.  All to guarantee that your time is well spent.

Opportunity to learn

The success of mentorship programs depends on the relationship between mentor and mentee. That includes opportunities for you to learn through this experience and the support for helping you maintain a rewarding relationship.

If you have the time, the curiosity, and the willingness to commit, this could be one way to reconnect with Stockholm School of Economics, and also gain some insights in the process!


SSE alumni and/or employees at an SSE Corporate Partner company with at least 5 years' working experience, including leadership responsibility.


If you have any questions, contact our Project Manager Yuchen Wu
Phone: +46 73 082 49 60
E-mail: mentor@hhs.se

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