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Sjöström, Emma

Stakeholder Engagement Manager
Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets

Dr. Emma Sjöström is co-director of the Sustainable Finance Initiative at Misum, SSE.

She conducts research on sustainable finance and ESG investment, mainly from a management and organization perspective. Current projects include strategies for active ownership; shareholder engagement on carbon risk; ESG in earnings calls; the integration of ESG in investment analysis; and monetization of sustainability. Additionally, she is writing teaching cases on sustainable business and sustainable finance.

Emma Sjöström's PhD dissertation is titled Shareholder Influence on Corporate Social Responsibility and was published at SSE in 2009. She did her post doc at the University of Hong Kong.


Recent publications

  • Slager, R., Gond, J-P., & Sjöström, E. (2023). Mirroring and switching authoritative personae: A ventriloquial analysis of shareholder engagement on carbon emissions. Human Relations (0)0 https://doi.org/10.1177/00187267231174700.

  • Sjöström, E. (2023) Engine No1 and Inyova: Tactics for successful board renewal in the name of climate change. Case study. Misum, Stockholm School of Economics.

  • Belinga, R. & Sjöström, E. (2023) Accomodating demands for calculability: The financialization of ESG in the Swedish financial market. Conference paper presented at the European Group of Organizational Studies (EGOS), Cagliari, July 6-8 2023, and the Academy of Management (AOM), Boston, 4-8 August 2023.

  • Belinga, R. & Sjöström, E. (2022) Unpacking ESG Integration - The Emergence of a Calculative Culture. Conference paper presented at the European Group of Organizational Studies (EGOS), Vienna, July 7-9 2022.
  • Dzielinski, M., Eugster, F., Sjöström, E. & Wagner, A.F., (2022) Climate Talk in Corporate Earnings Calls. Working paper.
  • Sjöström, E., Sandberg, R., Westlund, A. (2021) ESG ratings: the mixed bag and its implications. Working paper.
  • Setterberg, H., Sjöström, E., Nordlund, J. & Richtner, A. (2020) Green bonds in emerging markets: Isbank. SSE Teaching Case 2020-001.