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Sjöström, Emma

Dr. Emma Sjöström is co-director of the Sustainable Finance Initiative at Misum, SSE.

She conducts research on sustainable finance and ESG investment, mainly from a management and organisation perspective. Current projects include strategies for active ownership; shareholder engagement on carbon risk; ESG in earnings calls; integrating ESG in investment analysis; and financing sustainable cities. Additionally, she is writing teaching cases on sustainable business and sustainable finance.

Emma Sjöström's PhD dissertation is titled Shareholder Influence on Corporate Social Responsibility and was published at SSE in 2009. She has been a guest researcher at the University of Hong Kong.


Recent publications

Dzielinski, M., Eugster, F., Sjöström, E. & Wagner, A.F., (2022) Climate Talk in Corporate Earnings Calls. Working paper.
Waltré, N., Sjöström, E, Agerström, M., Vanhyuse, F. & Requena Carrion, A. (2022) The role of private market capital in financing sustainable cities: investor and municipal views in a Swedish context. Report published by Misum/Stockholm School of Economics, SEI and Cleantech Scandinavia.
Sjöström, E. & Belinga, R. (2021) Integrating sustainability in financial analysis. Report published by Misum, Stockholm School of Economics and Swesif.
Belinga, R. & Sjöström, E. (2021) Long-termism, climate change and the financial markets: Current literature and implications for policy. Report published by Misum, Stockholm School of Economics.
Sjöström, E., Sandberg, R., Westlund, A. (2021) ESG ratings: the mixed bag and its implications. Working paper.

Setterberg, H. & Sjöström, E. (2021) Action Lab: Integrated Communications on Financial and ESG Performance in the Earnings Call. Misum Working Paper Series No. 2021-01, May 2021.

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Setterberg, H., Sjöström, E., Nordlund, J. & Richtner, A. (2020) Green bonds in emerging markets: Isbank. SSE Teaching Case 2020-001.

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Setterberg, H., Sjöström, E. & Vulturius, G. (2019) Long-term perspectives in investment analysis. Report published by Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre and Swesif.