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Corporate Partner award winner Kaisa Koskela-Huotari

Assistant professor Kaisa Koskela-Huotari, received the corporate partner award late 2022 for her research. Kaisa joined the Department of Marketing and Strategy in April 2021. Her research interests lie at the intersection of service-dominant logic, institutional theory, and systems thinking.

How does it feel receiving this award and how do you think it will affect your future research?

I am deeply grateful to be chosen as the recipient of this award. The winners from previous years are an impressive set of scholars, and I feel very honored to be included on this list. The award is also an important encouragement to me to continue my research on my chosen path, which is often rather theoretical and aimed at influencing academic discussions rather than having a direct, normative impact on firms and other stakeholders. 

How would you describe your research methodology and your teaching?

I am a bit of a theory nerd, and it is, therefore, difficult for me to do proper inductive work. Hence, my work is often conceptual-only or, if empirical, then abductive and mostly qualitative. Currently, in a lot of my work, I am aiming to spoon-feed complexity into marketing theory. I believe that there is a growing tendency across social sciences to embrace various streams of systems thinking in making sense of and understanding the societies, markets, organizations, and other collectives in which we find ourselves entangled. I hope that in the future, SSE would find itself at the fore of this wave of systemic thinking in both the research conducted at the school as well as in the education given to our students. I try to introduce more systemic ways of thinking, when teaching marketing on various levels from our bachelor students to doctoral students and have had very varying rates of success in doing so. I have also recently started to teach in the B&E Reflection Series and find the format of small group discussions delightful as an educator and, hopefully, also helpful in my task.

What is the highlight throughout your research career and why?

I would say that the most meaningful moments in my academic life have been quite serendipitous encounters with ideas that have changed me and the way I think. They might have been a conversation with someone or picking up a book and getting lost in it. I cherish each of those moments.

Which part of the school is your favourite part?

I like the common space on the 6th floor of Holländargatan 32. I have already had many fantastic encounters and conversations here when having coffee or lunch together with my colleagues.

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