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Taxation, Labor Supply, and Retirement Behavior: A Glimpse into Johanna Wallenius' Career and Research, Featured in Talouselämä Magazine

In an interview with Talouselämä Magazine, Johanna Wallenius, Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics at SSE, explores her career and research, revealing the influence of Nobel Laureate Edward Prescott's work on taxation and labor supply on her professional journey. Emphasizing her focus on retirement behavior.

Johanna Wallenius, Professor at the Department of Economics at SSE, was interviewed about her research and career in the Finnish weekly magazine Talouselämä. Wallenius relays that she became inspired by Nobel Laureate Edward Prescott’s research on taxation and labor supply when taking his course as a Ph.D. student at Arizona State University. This set her on the trajectory that she continues to this day. She is particularly interested in understanding retirement behavior. She has, for example, studied the effects of the Swedish pension reform.

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