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Quick answers from stakeholders: What do you expect from Misum?

Three questions to Johanna Giorgi, Analyst Sustainable Growth, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) 

Published in March 2016

How can Misum support the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth? What do you expect from Misum?
Misum can help us better understand the transformation pressure in different markets and what demands and opportunities this pressure imposes on the companies operating there.

What is a sustainable market?
We usually do not claim to be able to define "sustainable growth" - and the same applies to the "sustainable market". However, we can identify some key pieces of the puzzle in sustainable markets as resource efficiency, built on renewable energy, free of harmful toxins and transparency.

What are the most critical research topics within the field of sustainability?
Today there is much talk about resource-efficient business models based on function and sharing as key parts in the development of sustainable business. There is a need to explore how such models work in different markets and segments, the impact they actually have, and what is driving the shift and by which actors.