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Fairouz Hussien

I'm Fairouz - though I tend to go by "Fei". A PhD student at the Department of Marketing and Strategy, and part of the Center for Market Studies. Wherever I am though, my engine runs on coffee.

My PhD project looks into the long-term effects that deregulation has on market dynamics (transformations on a meso level), with a focus on the process of change (how does the change in market dynamics unfold over time?). I’m digging into this process in the context of the airline industry, and specifically the case of the Airline Deregulation Act in 1978 in the USA.

I've got a deep-seated curiosity for the "how to" side of things. How do we study this, or how do we develop that, which may not come as much of a surprise here in the Methods Lab. In my research I tend to be more qualitatively oriented, and have a specific interest in using controversies to map out unfolding events and involved actors. 

One of my favourite things about studying market deregulation is the openness to interdisciplinary influences that it has given me: from politics and governance, to organisation and management, to socio-symbolic work. I’m also not short on thematic areas of interest, e.g. multi-intentionality, ANT, power dynamics, performativity—and the list goes on.

Sometimes when I’m not working on my research, I teach (marketing and strategy), or bike, or drink coffee (not at the same time).