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Friederike Döbbe

Hi! My name is Friederike but please call me Fritzi.
I am a PhD at the Department of Management and Organization (DMO) and also at the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum) at Stockholm School of Economics. 
In my PhD, I explore the dynamic relations between consumer responsibility and corporate responsibility for climate change in the food sector. I am particularly interested in how different types of organizations shape and influence the ways in which environmental problems and the climate crisis are addressed. Moreover, I am interested in the power knowledge dynamics that emerge as part of this. I mainly use qualitative methods, with a strong interest in discourses. I use interview and document material, but I also work with social media data.
When I first suggested to Jess and Fei that we should start our own initiative to explore methodology and methods, I never thought this could actually work out. But here we go!!
Outside work, I like to explore both the urban and natural sites of my new home in all sorts of ways. I love being outdoors, and I also have a passion for exploring music and concerts - that I inherited from my dad!