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Jessica Backsell

Hi there!
Jessica here, I’m a colleague of Fritzi and Fei, and a PhD student at Stockholm School of Economics where I currently research and teach matters of spatial and legal market constructions.
My dissertation project is called “Plots of Capitalism” and deals with truth-making and the architectural construction of boundaries within the sphere of art and capitalism. I’m also interested in methods and phenomenological approaches when addressing aspects such as nothingness and the in-between - exploring breaks with carnal relationships and how the binary systems we like to enforce in terms of presences and absences, imminence and transcendens, differences and similarities are much more more fleeting then we tend to think.
Together with Fritzi and Fei I run SSE’s Methods Lab, an experimental space for methods lent from the humanities and I’m passionate about how artistic methods can enrich our academic approaches within research. I’m also involved in the Art Initiative at SSE - an organization that explores how art can contribute to a more knowledge intensive learning environment within a business school.