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MBM Internship

Exclusive opportunity to receive interns from the Master of Science in Business and Management (MBM).


The mandatory internship within the Master program in Business & Management provides an opportunity for the students who specialize in marketing, management and/or business venturing to test and apply their knowledge and skills, to make a real contribution to an organization, and to learn about its operations and its industry.

A five-week on-site internship working with change-oriented marketing and/or management issues at a partner organization, and class-room seminars in which we amalgamate, discuss and share experiences and information from the internships and related to previous and succeeding courses.

The internship centers on on-site work in a real organization, with parallel tutoring related to their individual challenges, and a concluding seminar series which synthesises and shares experiences between the students and together with teachers.

Preceding mandatory courses in the master program.


We expect the interns to do their very best to provide real and tangible utility to the organization by applying what they have learned in marketing and/or management. The intern is prepared to quickly join an existing project and/or start up new ones with the organization. By partaking in the organization’s current reality, we hope that the intern can provide new perspectives, make a real difference, and learn from being in this environment and seeing their actual and potential impact.

We expect that the intern’s efforts will make a valuable difference for the organization, and that the intern will be a good ambassador for the Master program (in previous years, most interns have been offered to continue working with the organization, which is not an explicit goal, but we take it as a good sign).


In order for the intern to be of direct and tangible use, we wish that s/he is integrated in the organization’s operations. The intern would be working within the organization, with one or more projects that are, or intend to be, put to real use. The organization and the intern decide what s/he will be working with, based on the organization’s needs.

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