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The E&X-program

SSE Business Lab invites experienced entrepreneurs and executives to engage in the coaching of promising startups incubated at SSE Business Lab. This is an exclusive invitation to individuals in the SSE network that has accomplished outstanding success within their field.


  • SSE has a very strong network of successful alumni with experiences that are highly valuable to startups at SSE Business Lab
  • Coaching from experienced entrepreneurs and executives has been requested by startups at SSE Business Lab
  • This E&X-program will strengthen the position of SSE Business Lab as a first choice for exceptional entrepreneurs, while promoting entrepreneurship and innovation across the SSE community and the larger society


The structure of the E&X-program is based on the methodology of YCombinator’s partner-coached group meetings. Once a month a group of founders from maximum three startups incubated at SSE Business Lab meet with two slack shop facilitators on the premises of SSE Business Lab. During this meeting, the founders of each startup has 20 minutes to:

  • Present a short update on last month’s progress towards specific growth target metrics
  • Present the actions taken from feedback in the previous meeting 
  • Present growth target metrics for next month including the biggest challenge in reaching that target
  • Receive feedback and coaching from facilitators and peers

For each meeting, the founders also have the possibility to schedule a one-to-one breakout session with the slack shop facilitators. The founders will then be given 30 min to discuss specific challenges with the facilitators individually.

The purpose of the slack shops is to accelerate the growth of the startups.

Slack shop facilitators commit to 12 consecutive meetings. Time and date for each meeting are decided by the slack shop facilitators but the meetings should be held on a monthly basis. For every group of startup founders there are two slack shop facilitators:

One Entrepreneur in Residence and one Executive in Residence.

  • The Entrepreneur in Residence is a current or recent entrepreneur with experience from founding and running a successful venture that has raised significant venture capital.
  • The Executive in Residence is a current or former leader of a larger private or public corporation. 
I was coached by Erik Saers during my period with Insurello at SSE Business Lab. Receiving guidance and coaching from an experienced professional was an important contribution to our success in closing our first funding and winning Business Challenge 2017.
Marcus Janback
CEO and co-founder

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