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Exclusive opportunity to receive a group of students from the Master of Science in Business and Management (MBM) to work with branding and communication at your startup.


This live project is a part of course 1319 that intends to train students in how to build and develop corporate values through brand strategies and marketing communication strategies, based on research findings – i.e. theories – about consumer behavior, branding and different aspects of marketing communications, but also the student's intellectual and creative capacity to put these theories into practice.

This course covers the following aspects of brands and communication that will be put in to use during the live case:

  • The psychological mechanisms behind decision-making and their implications for marketing communications.
  • Storytelling in marketing communications.
  • Digital marketing: Focusing on social media and business models of companies such as Facebook, Google etc.
  • Digital marketing design: Strategies and tactics when doing digital marketing.
  • Advertising equity: How does advertising create values and to whom.
  • Co-creation in marketing communications.
  • Social effects of communications.

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