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Got a question or two regarding the GELS scholarship? Find more information in our FAQ section below.

Who can apply?

Any B.Sc. or M.Sc. student at the Stockholm School of Economics with at least one year left at the school (includes those admitted to the SSE Masters program while still in the 3rdyear), either solo or as a pair. 

What are the criteria for ”outstanding students”?

GELS seeks well rounded students with a demonstrated drive and ambition to achieve great things. Examples of this can be good grades and interesting extra curricular experiences that show your ability to take initiative and complete projects you undertake.

What can you apply for?

Projects must be designed by you yourself (e.g. no internships, no thesis writing, no volunteering for organizations) and take place abroad. Your project must also aim to achieve some kind of impact on the real world, not just produce an academic report. See <link to page with example of previous projects> for examples of previous winners and how to come up with a project. 

What is the application process like?

Each candidate has to submit an application detailing their project, including a detailed project plan, timeline and budget as well as a personal motivation for why they should be selected as a GELS scholar. (If you are applying together with a fellow student, one application per project).  The project plan should clearly detail what you want to achieve with your project.

The best applicants are selected for a one hour interview with former GELS scholars (many whom are ex. consultants so expect a similar format to what you’d find at a consulting firm) where you are expected to further demonstrate why you would be a good GELS scholar.

Who selects the GELS scholar?

The President of the SSE personally selects each years GELS scholar, with the funding provided by the Gun & Einar Larsson Stiftelse.

How much money can you apply for?

Gun & Einar Larssons Stiftelse funds a budget for the implementation of projects up to a maximum of SEK 75,000. The most important thing is however how well designed your project is and the feasibility of executing it.

Why don’t you award a fixed amount?

GELS projects can vary in duration, location and number of applicants (solo or pair). A project in the US will likely be more expensive than one of similar duration in Nepal. Similarly, an application from a pair will likely require more funding than that of a solo applicant. 

Designing a feasible budget is also part of the learning experience.