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Tina Einsiedler

Meet Tina Einsiedler  – Data Analyst at the fintech company Gilion and MSc in Finance alum.

Describe your role and what it is that you do overall and on a day-to-day basis.

I am currently employed as a Data Analyst at Gilion, a Stockholm-based fintech company specializing in precision financing for technology businesses, enabling them to accelerate their growth. In a nutshell, my daily work is a blend of working on potential deals and expanding our in-house analytics platform. As part of a deal team, my role involves assisting clients in connecting their data to our platform. I then analyze their business by looking at revenue forecasts, cohorts buildups, retention rates, customer acquisition costs, and much more. Finally, I present these insights to our credit committee, with a focus on achieving best-in-cass credit decisions in an efficient and automated manner. The remainder of my time is dedicated to close collaboration with our Data Scientists, Engineering, and Design teams. Together, we develop new insights that are seamlessly integrated into our platform, providing interactive solutions for our clients. This part of my job leans more towards the technical side, as my team not only defines new metrics, but also manages the segment of our data pipeline responsible for calculating these metrics.


What interested you about the field/company/role you are currently in?

From my days at university, I dreamed about combining my interest in Finance with my then newfound passion for data and programming. My role at Gilion represents the perfect synergy of these two domains, as we offer both debt financing and an analytics platform to our customers. The added bonus is that I have the privilege of working on both aspects. Furthermore, I really enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of a young fintech company like Gilion. It continuously provides me with opportunities for professional learning and personal growth as I can easily take on new roles and responsibilities.


Why did you choose to study your subject area at SSE?

My undergraduate degree in Economics & Business Administration placed a strong emphasis on mathematics and statistics. Several of my professors conducted research in financial markets, often using them as real-world examples in our courses. It was then that I was initially drawn to Finance, prompting me to specialize in this field during my subsequent studies. At SSE, I was particularly intrigued by the Investment Management track, thanks to its quantitative orientation and my desire to gain a deeper understanding of how factors like politics, economics, behavioural biases and more influence today’s capital markets.


How did your time/education at SSE help guide you to the career journey you have embarked on?

My time at SSE included a lot of exploration as I engaged in various activities, such as joining student initiatives, attending numerous company events, completing a summer internship, and studying abroad. At times, I felt clueless and slightly exhausted, as none of these experiences seemed to be leading me toward a clear career path. However, in hindsight, it makes a lot more sense; I needed to explore and fail at times in order to step out of my comfort zone. In the end, I secured my first job in Analytics at Tink, a company that I had previously conducted a project with in one of my classes at SSE. Moreover, courses that honed my analytical skills and introduced me to programming languages like Python, R, and SQL were instrumental when I ventured into this field after graduation.


Following the time at SSE, do you have any words of wisdom or advice you would like to share with our current students?

If I could relive my time at SSE, I would advise myself to resist becoming overwhelmed by the multitude of opportunities the school offers. You don't have to excel in every single course, attend every possible company event, apply to every job advertisement you read, or dance at every Rotunda party. Take time to relax, make new friends, enjoy the city, and cultivate a life outside of school. Rest assured, there will be enough opportunities waiting for everyone!


What are three words that sum up your time at SSE?

Exciting. Formative. Instructive.