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Academic support for students

SSE provides different kinds of pedagogical support to students with permanent disabilities and other special needs. Our goal is to ensure that all students can pursue their studies under the same conditions. For further information, please contact the Special Needs Coordinator at Academic Support and Records, or read more below.

Academic advising at SSE

The Stockholm School of Economics provides academic advising to admitted students. This includes study planning, study technique tips and other study related questions and issues. The Academic Advisors follow the students from the beginning of their studies and throughout the study period.

Study with a disability

Students at SSE who have been diagnosed with a disability have the right to apply for special pedagogical support.

The Discrimination Act (SFS 2008: 567) defines disability as a:
"permanent physical, mental or intellectual limitations of a person's functional capacity which, as a result of an injury or illness, existed from birth, have occurred subsequently or can be expected to occur".

Pedagogical support involves various forms of efforts, for example, adjustments in connection with written exams, note-taking support, recorded course literature etc.

You send in your application via Nais. The assessment of the support that may be required is made individually by the special needs coordinator.

Please note that temporary or short-term injury or illness does not qualify as a disability and are not covered by pedagogical support.

Questions? Feel free to contact the Special Needs Coordinator.

Stockholm Student Health Services

Stockholm Student Health Services is a complement to the public healthcare available to the students at SSE. You can turn to Student Health in Stockholm for medical and psychological counselling, free of charge. You also get support when it comes to stress, procrastination, fear of speaking in front of a group, and more.