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Anders Wall Scholarship to entrepreneur reducing emissions within the maritime industry

Patrick Widuch (b. 1993) is being awarded this year's Anders Wall Scholarship in collaboration with SSE Business Lab. The scholarship amount is 200,000 SEK.

Patrick Widuch is the co-founder of startup company Fleetm8, which offers a digital solution for the management of maritime activities. The platform assists shipping companies and ports in streamlining their communication and logistics, leading to cost savings and potential reductions in carbon dioxide emissions amounting to several million tons.

Before Patrick started at the Stockholm School of Economics in 2021, he studied computer science and programming at Lund University, where he and his classmate Theodor Huldt began to develop the platform. A reason for the focus on shipping was Patrick's father, a sea captain, who often shared the routines on board.

“I saw that logbooks and checklists were handled entirely manually with pen and paper and thought it could be done more smoothly with digital tools. So, we created a software program to simplify the routines,” he says. The system was tested in an internal project within one of the larger shipping companies, and the crew was positive.

Improved digitalization with freer information flow between different actors allows data to be analyzed and shared more easily, an important aspect for solving common problems and streamlining infrastructure. More knowledge and innovative strategies for data-driven development within the maritime industry are needed, according to Patrick. Sharper data analysis improves the current situation awareness so that, for example, routes can be optimized in real-time to avoid traffic jams.

“With functioning just-in-time shipping, ships don't have to idle outside the port unnecessarily long, just waiting to be handled,” he explains.

Patrick realized there is a huge need for collaboration for increased sustainability in the industry and that the platform they created had significant commercial potential. With the knowledge gained from his previous entrepreneurial experiences, he applied to the Stockholm School of Economics to deepen his knowledge in business development. The company Fleetm8 was founded during his first year, and after 18 months as a startup in the Incubate program at SSE Business Lab, it has made significant progress.

“Work hard, do good, dream big” has been Patrick's motto since he started his entrepreneurial journey as a child by selling chocolate balls to neighbors in Helsingborg. A key driving force for him is to contribute to a more sustainable world through his entrepreneurship. The vision is to create sustainability through technical innovations but also to maintain a healthy balance between life and work in business.

“That balance is important for performing at the top,” says Patrick, who played tennis at an elite level in his teens and was once ranked third in Sweden.

“I feel very humbled to receive the Anders Wall Scholarship,” he concludes. “It confirms that what we are doing is moving in the right direction. I look forward to becoming part of the Wallumni network.”

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