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New research | Women entrepreneurs in family businesses in the Gulf break barriers

01 July 2024
A new study explores how women in Bahrain's family businesses overcome barriers and use their agency to drive success. Published in the International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship, this research highlights the unique challenges and enablers that support women entrepreneurs in the Gulf States.

New research | Socioemotional wealth considerations drive strategic decisions in family businesses

01 July 2024
Family-owned businesses often seek a balance between financial gains and non-financial goals, significantly shaping their strategic choices. This new study, published in Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, refines how we measure these socioemotional factors, revealing their profound impact on family firms.

SSE hosted Global Network Week on Nordic Entrepreneurship

19 June 2024
Last week, the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) welcomed 48 participants from 15 prestigious Executive MBA programs worldwide for the Nordic Entrepreneurship course. We had representatives from AIM, Berkeley Haas, EGADE, ESMT, FGV EAESP, Fudan, IE University, IMD, NUS, Oxford Saïd, Strathmore, UNSW, Yale, SSE Riga, and SSE.

More than 300 companies through SSE Business Lab – interest in entrepreneurship surging

17 June 2024
With its eleven newly admitted companies, SSE Business Lab is reaching a new milestone: 307 startups have now passed through the incubator. More than one third of these were admitted just in the past four years.

HOI research | Leagile supply chains boost sustainable business performance, study finds

04 June 2024
How can companies balance efficiency and flexibility while maintaining sustainability? A new study explores the integration of lean and agile supply chain strategies to enhance sustainable performance across the triple-bottom line (economic, environmental, and social performance). The research is published in the journal Production Planning & Control.

HOI research | Boards of social hybrid organizations face hurdles in measuring social impact

31 May 2024
A recent study reveals that boards of social hybrid organizations encounter significant challenges in implementing social impact measurements. Published in The British Accounting Review, this research sheds light on the difficulties these boards face and offers insights into improving governance practices.

HOI research | DAOs: How skin in the game transforms decentralized finance

30 May 2024
As cryptocurrency has risen in prominence as an alternative currency, so have decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) risen as an alternative form of organizing enabled by technology. A new study investigates how DAOs are redefining collective action in managing digital resources. Published in MIS Quarterly, the research highlights how skin in the game in DAOs creates both the innovative governance of radically decentralized organizations and drives participation and innovation among diverse stakeholders.

A basic guide to food sector transformation

20 May 2024
In collaboration with Sweden Foodtech, we present a guide from the Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg Center for Innovative and Sustainable Business Development on the transformation of the food sector. You can download the guide here to learn how food innovation can address global challenges like climate change and improve overall health.

Leading Academics from Stockholm School of Economics Recognized in Prestigious Rankings

16 April 2024
The 2024 edition of Research.com’s ranking of the best academics in Business and Management features five prominent researchers from the Stockholm School of Economics.

HOI research | Repositioning entrepreneurship: embracing the biosphere and exploring the in-between

21 March 2024
In their study, Dodd, Anderson, and Jack argue for a profound repositioning of entrepreneurship research, advocating for a focus beyond economic measures to include social and environmental considerations. Their work calls for entrepreneurship to be seen as a dynamic, change-making process deeply embedded in the 'in-between' spaces of society and nature.
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