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Program structure

The Bachelor program in Business and Economics (180 ECTS credits)

Semesters 1-3 provide you with a solid foundation in a wide range of areas such as Economics, Sustainability, Finance, Accounting, Data Analytics, Business Law, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Strategy.

In semester 4-6, you customize your degree through specializations and elective courses.

In semester 5, you have the opportunity to do a 16 week internship fully in English. The internship is an elective course that you apply for. It is done in combination with two other elective courses at SSE. 

In semester 5 or 6, you have excellent possibilities to go on an exchange semester at one of our more than 100 prestigious partner universities around the world.

In semester 5 or 6, you write your Bachelor's thesis.

The internship and the exchange semester cannot be combined.

See the program structure in detail below. The exact list of courses is subject to change between academic years.

Semester 1-3: Mandatory courses

Semester 1-3 consist of mandatory courses in a wide range of areas to give you a solid foundation for your future career. All courses are completely in English.

B&E Reflection Series

  • B&E Reflection Series

    B&E Reflection Series is a series of seminars given during semester 1-3. The purpose is to develop your reflective skills and critical thinking. They also enable you to discover synergies between different courses.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology

If you have a strong interest in starting your own business, make sure to also check out the SSE Business Lab (not a mandatory or elective course).

Global Challenges

  • Global Challenges I

  • Global Challenges II

    The Global Challenges courses focus on how me can manage global challenges such as sustainability and environmental issues, climate crises, pandemics, and poverty.

Semester 4-6: Specializations & Electives

In semester 4-6, you choose at least one specialization and combine with separate electives. You also write your Bachelor thesis and have the opportunity to go on an exchange semester at one of our more than 80 partner universities all over the world.

Electives: CIVICA Engage Track

The CIVICA Engage Track is a European multi-campus, interdisciplinary experience with a focus on civic engagement. It leads to a certificate and can be taken as an elective in Semester 4-6 for students in the BSc Program in Business & Economics. Courses are taken both at SSE and at one of our partner universities:

  • Bocconi University, Italy
  • Sciences Po, France
  • London School of Economics, UK
  • IE Business School, Spain
  • Central European University, Austria
  • SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

Read more about CIVICA Engage Track on this page. Here is also a direct link to the course list for your convenience.

Electives: Internship course

You can apply for a 16 week internship course. The internship is fully in English and is done in Semester 5 together with writing your Bachelor's thesis or two other elective courses.

More information will come shortly.

Electives: Modern Languages

Semester 5 or 6: Exchange Semester & Bachelor Thesis

In semester 5 or 6, you have the opportunity to go on an exchange semester at one of our more than 100 partner universities abroad. You will also write your Bachelor thesis in semester 5 or 6.