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Tolstoy, Daniel

Daniel Tolstoy is part of the International Marketing Group at the Department of Marketing and Strategy. His research interest revolves around four principal areas:

- International Entrepreneurship: How do smaller firms create and develop business ventures in foreign markets?

- International Strategy and Market Assessment: How do we assess the business potential of markets?

-International Retailing: How do firms internationalize retail concepts and retail brands?

-E-commerce in B2B: How can firms develop effective E-business solutions to increase sales?

Daniel has published in leading journals such as British Journal of Management, Technovation, and International Business Review.

Examples of recent publications:

Tolstoy, D., Jonsson, A., & Sharma, D. D. (2016). The Influence of a Retail Firm’s Geographic Scope of Operations on Its International Online Sales. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 20(3), 293-318.

Nordman, E. R., & Tolstoy, D. (2016). The impact of opportunity connectedness on innovation in SMEs’ foreign-market relationships. Technovation.

Nordman, Rovira. E. and Tolstoy, D (2014) “Does relationship psychic distance matter for the learning processes of internationalizing SMEs?”, International Business Review. 

Melén, S., Rovira Nordman, E., Tolstoy D. & Sharma, D.D. (2014). International entrepreneurship research during the last decade: a review. Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development 

Jonsson, A. and Tolstoy, D.. (2014) “A thematic analysis of research on global sourcing and international purchasing in retail firms”, International Journal of Retail and Distribution 

Tolstoy, D. (2014) ”Differentiation in foreign business relationships: A study on small and medium-sized enterprises after their initial foreign market entry”, International Small Business Journal, Online First.