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New CIVICA ambassadors are representing SSE in Warsaw

SSE are delighted to present the new CIVICA ambassadors for this year: Lano Mahmood and Lorenzo Malerba. Today they are meeting their peers from the other CIVICA universities for the first time, as they all gather at the student association forum at SHG in Warsaw.

CIVICA Ambassadors range from undergraduate students to postdoctoral researchers and represent each university in the alliance. Their role is to promote interaction and exchange within the alliance's communities and be a first point of contact to CIVICA for their peers. The Ambassadors network actively shapes CIVICA by initiating bottom-up projects and participating in formal and informal alliance activities.

Lano Mahmood is a second-year student who always had a strong passion for politics and the intersection it has with economics and likes to explore innovative solutions to societal challenges. Lorenzo Malerba is a MIB CEMS student who already had the opportunity to participate in two Erasmus semester abroad and in different Erasmus projects, experiences that has contributed a great deal to his growth as a person and his awareness of the international policies around him.

As Lano and Lorenzo step into the role of CIVICA ambassadors, their expectations are filled with excitement, but also a responsibility, as they will inspire others to learn more about CIVICA and its possibilities, along with the importance of civic awareness. They are also enthusiastic about attending events and webinars hosted by the esteemed universities within the CIVICA alliance.

"These gatherings are not just events; they are incubators for ideas, where I will be exposed to a wide array of topics that extend and challenge current thinking. CIVICA offers students the unique benefit of accessing a vast network of talented peers across Europe, fostering invaluable connections and collaborative opportunities. It provides an interdisciplinary learning environment that broadens perspectives and enhances academic rigor. The alliance also facilitates cultural exchange and understanding, enriching the educational experience beyond the classroom. I eagerly anticipate the dynamic exchanges with fellow ambassadors, where we can share insights and learn from each other’s perspectives", says Lano.

Meeting their peers in Warsaw

Today they are looking forward to meeting their peers from the other CIVICA universities for the first time, as they gather at the student association forum, held at SHG in Warsaw. They will also meet other students who are joining the forum through the CIVICA Engage Track, getting the chance to become a part of a network that will give them valuable connections for life. Both of them also take their obligation to represent SSE seriously.

"I am driven by a profound desire to represent the SSE with distinction. I aim to demonstrate how SSE is at the forefront of addressing societal challenges, not only through our academic curriculum but also through the myriad opportunities we provide for practical engagement and solution-oriented research. It is my ambition to shine a light on the contributions of our institution and to be an active participant in the vital work of paving the way towards a better society", says Lano.

She applied to become a CIVICA ambassador, as the role allows her to engage with cross-border politics and societal challenges more profoundly.

"My prior research across various EU student-led organizations—focusing on the confluence of politics, economics, and EU policies—resonates with the ambitious mission of CIVICA to use both traditional and innovative means for education, research, and outreach in the social sciences", she says.

Lorenzo is at the same page.
"I believe that participating in CIVICA courses and activities is an incredible way to learn and get more aware of how we can really make an impact in our society and in the world by being together and collaborate", he says.